August 2018

"And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.  To our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen." Philippians 4:19-20  


Women’s Ministry Team

I.  Membership

The membership of the Women’s Ministry shall be all female members of Trinity Presbyterian Church.

II. Mission Statement

Our mission is to encourage women to grow in the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so that we may build community, develop ministries of compassion, and support church leadership.

III. Nomination, Election, and Term of Office

A nominating committee shall be comprised of the Women’s Ministry Team President, Vice-President, one Team member, and two members at large.  The committee shall be in place no later than January 15th.  They shall meet in prayer to fill expired Team member positions.  The Women's Ministry Team President will contact the nominated persons.  The committee will continue to meet until all positions are filled for the next term.

  • The slate of officers shall be presented to the Session for approval no later than its April Session meeting.
  • The slate of officers shall begin attending Women's Ministry Team meetings in June, and shall be presented to the Women's Ministry members at large at the Annual Kick-Off Meeting.
  • The President and Vice-President shall serve for a term of one year each. The Vice-President shall then succeed the President for a term of one year.
  • All other officers shall be elected for a term of two years.
  • Continuous membership on the Women's Ministry Team in any capacity shall be limited to a period of two consecutive terms.
  • Upon completing a term (or terms) on Women's Ministry Team, the member must take at least one year off before serving again.
  • Replacements for unexpired terms shall be the responsibility of the Vice-President.

IV. Officers’ Specific Areas of Responsibility:

A.  The President Shall:

  • Preside at all Women's Ministry Team and General Meetings
  • Call special meetings as needed
  • Report to the PCA Women's Ministry Team when necessary
  • Be an ex-officio member of any committee
  • Confer with the Pastor and the Session on a regular basis 
  • Encourage the Team members in fulfilling their responsibilities
  • Decide events for the next year by May 31

B.  The Vice-President Shall:

  • Assume the office of President during the second year of her term on the Team or in the event of the resignation of the president
  • Moderate any Women's Ministry Team or General Meeting in the absence of the President
  • Work closely with the President having a knowledge of overall plans and goals of the Team
  • Chair the Nominating Committee and appoint the members as described 
  • Will invite a member at large to attend the Women's Ministry Team meeting each month.  
  • Encourage and advise other Team members
  • Appoint replacements for any unexpired Women's Ministry Team terms
  • Inform new members that the Women's Ministry Team Handbook information is on the Trinity website or give them a copy of the booklet. 
  • Decide events for the next year by May 31

C.  The Secretary Shall:

  • Record the minutes of the Women's Ministry Team meetings
  • Deliver copies of minutes to Women's Ministry Team members and the Session in a timely manner
  • Prepare bulletin notices and attend to correspondence as directed by the President. Any mass mailing/letters need to be in the Church Office for printing and stuffing no later than 2 weeks before it needs to go out.
  • Inform Church Office of any needed advertisements and sign-up sheets.
  • Purchase and co-ordinate sending of birthday cards to all Women's Ministry Team members, and submit expenses for reimbursement
  • Review and present the monthly Women's Ministry Team Budget Report (received from the Church office) to the Women's Ministry Team
  • Help format the budget for the new calendar year by November 30

D.  The Officer for Spiritual Growth Shall:

  • Assess needs of all LIFE Groups and Bible Studies, secure leaders and assist in securing instruction materials if needed
  • Communicate with group leaders regarding start dates, meeting locations, and meeting times. Provide information about groups to Church Office for publication
  • Work with Women's Ministry Team in planning for annual retreats and/or conferences---contact speakers for these events
  • Work with Church Office to plan advertisement and brochures for annual retreats and/or conferences
  • Ensure that each new team member receives a copy of "Women's Ministry in the Local Church" by Susan Hunt to read before beginning her term of service. Request that additional copies be ordered through the Church Office if necessary. Facilitate a brief discussion of each chapter at the start of monthly team meetings or prepare a short devotional as needed

E.  The Officer for Service Coordination Shall: 

  • Be responsible for planning and implementing a Spring and Fall Day of Service in coordination with the Deacons 
  • Manage the food donations collected for the Willing Helpers food pantry (Solid Rock Baptist Church) on the last Sunday of each month.  (Contact Food pantry for specific needs each month to make giving specific.)  Create a sign-up sheet for volunteers to deliver the food items.  Send monthly reminders to volunteers or deliver the food if a volunteer is unavailable.
  • Keep kitchen area clean, orderly, and well-supplied. Put kitchen on Day of Service rotation to maintain cabinets and items left in kitchen.
  • Form a subcommittee to be responsible for seasonal decorations. The set up and take down of Holiday decorations to be coordinated with the Deacons

F.  The Officer for the Nursery Shall:

  • Recruit nursery workers (A non-member must be paired with a member when serving in the nursery.)
  • Coordinate nursery schedules for Sunday AM and PM, and Women's Ministry Team functions as needed. Supply a copy of the schedule to the church Office for the Sunday bulletin .
  • Coordinate nursery schedules for Missions Conference and Holiday schedule as needed
  • Assume responsibility for nursery supplies
  • Be responsible for any change in the set-up of the nursery
  • Establish nursery procedures and policies and post in prominent positions in each nursery
  • Ensure that one Adult per nursery must be in attendance at all times.
  • Be prepared to work with the Session for childcare for special church-wide eventsG.  The Officer for Congregational Care shall:
  • Routinely keep in touch with the various needs of the congregation.
  • Notify the Women's Ministry Team at the time of a birth, death, illness or hospitalization in the church family.

At the time of birth, illness or hospitalization she will:

• Contact the family in need and ascertain whether meals assistance is needed. 

• If meals are requested, determine the extent of the need. The Women's Ministry Team will initially schedule up to 4 meals, more as needed. Determine any food allergies and preferences. Set up a meal schedule using and notify the congregation via email. 

At the time of death she will:

• Provide a list of possible babysitters with contact information to the family in the event that childcare is needed during a memorial service.

• Let the family know that a meal could be provided at the home of the family the day of the funeral. The Women's Ministry Team will provide a small ham or turkey (meat) if requested for day of funeral.

• Ascertain the best time for the meal and the number to be served.

• Notify the Women's Ministry Team of arrangements to be made.

  1. Review of By-Laws

The by-laws will be reviewed at the August meeting each year for corrections, updates and new positions, as the status of the Church changes each year.  All revisions must be approved by the Women's Ministry Team at the next General Meeting.